Real Estate in Naples, Florida

naples floridaNaples real estate is on the peak and homes are selling at an amazing pace. In part because of it’s semi-tropical climate, Naples Florida has become a desirable destination for the winters and even to live all the year round. It is not a secret that Naples real estate is some of the most affluent in South Florida. The home prices here have dramatically risen to levels not witnessed in more than a decade. There is now a wide selection of real estate values to choose from in Naples. There is more to choose from in terms of value which includes; size, location, service, security, amenities and much more.

The majority of home buyers here in Naples are generally second home owners. They prefer homes near the beach, Olde Naples or any other location with modern facilities and amenities. The most sort after amenities in Naples include country clubs, golf clubs or tennis communities. It is therefore a very important factor when it comes to setting home prices.

What makes Naples different?

While there are many other locations buyers may choose from in Florida, Naples has some unique and distinctive factors that make it stand out.

Besides the semi-tropical weather, which plays a major role in attracting home buyers to Naples, there are also the beautiful, sugary sand beaches. The ease of access to the beach from any location attracts thousands of beach lovers to this serene environment. Then there is the beauty of Naples; with trees lined up along the streets and a large population of wildlife and birds. There is no doubt that Naples is one of the most beautiful cleanest locations in Florida. With less air pollution as compared to many other locations in North America is definitely a heaven to many. Most importantly, is the fact that Naples prides it self for low levels of crime. In general anyone would love to stay here in Naples if not for life at least for a season.

The economy of Naples is largely driven by tourism. The Naples area is considered a good destination during the winter due to its warm climate and other factors such as the wide variety of flora and fauna.

Naples Area Expansion

Naples population resides within a planned urban development area (PUD). The PUD is just but a small part of Naples. Located on the western edge of the Collier County Naples has the capacity to expand to the eastern part of Collier County which is basically covered by large tracks of land. Considering the fact that the western part of Naples is already build up it is impossible to come up with new structures unless the current ones are brought down. With the high land value in this region it is common sense that any structure with less value can be brought down to establish a better one. However the western side is not available for new communities that may need large tracks of land. For those who may need large tracks such as those for golf course are forced to move to the north east and south east regions. Despite that, smaller communities might still find some space on the western side of Naples.

The East of Naples hosts Golden Gate Estates which was developed on a piece of land that was initially a swamp. The Estates consists of family homes and lots build on pieces of land of about an acre. The area lacks current development but the trends are anticipated to change due to increased residential growth towards the east. Golden gate Estates was built decades back but still holds value.

Overview of Naples Florida Communities

Naples Communities

Image courtesy of Equity Realty

Naples consists of various communities with over 1000 neighborhoods. Ranging from the traditional Florida single family neighborhoods to high-rise communities and golf communities there is much more than can be told. Here is an overview of all the communities in Naples:

Community Types

The communities here are more than in many other places. This is owing to the fact that Naples is located on the coast and has several channels that improve its geography. The communities include: boating communities, no-fill communities, boating communities, single family home communities, frills communities and golf course communities.

Golf Communities
Golf communities in Naples are pretty popular. Actually, most communities in Naples have a golf course within. However the golf course is for members only in most communities and anyone who wants to play has to pay. There are some communities where all the members have access to the golf course within it. Golf communities are on high demand. Golf courses are major determinant factors to house prices in Naples.

Beach and Boating Communities
They consist of houses structures made along the beach or at a short distance from the beach. In Naples there are single family homes along the beach as well as condos. The beach properties form the most expensive properties in Naples and are on high demand as compared to other properties. Such properties include the Pelican Bay (a luxurious property that borders the beach) for visiting residents.

Boating communities live in properties on bays or channels. The properties for the boating community form some of the most expensive properties in Naples. They are either single family homes or condos on bays and may have boat docks. The prices for such properties are largely determined by the location and nature of the property.

Estate Home Communities
Estates build away from the beach and bays are part of the Naples real estate communities. The houses in these estates are relatively cheap as compared to those next to the beach however; the state of the property plays a major role in determining the price.

Affordable Communities
There are several communities that have affordable homes for the local workforce. Such affordable homes are built far away from the beach and bays. However some of the affordable local communities near the beach my include old school buildings of the 70s and 80s.

Featured Communities
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